Background of Delhi Sultanate GK

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Background of Delhi Sultanate General Knowledge and important points.
  • First Muslim Mohammad Bin Qasim invaded India in 712 AD and conquered Sindh.
  • First Turk invasion in India by Mahmud of Ghazni. He began a series of seventeen raids into Northwestern India at the end of the 10th century. His sixteenth expedition was the plunder of Somnath Temple now in Gujarat in 1026 AD.
  • Second Turk invasion by Mohammad Ghori in 1175 AD, which was successful. It is considered that Ghori is the real founder of the Muslim Empire of India.
  • First Battle of Tarin: Prithviraj Chauhan Vs. Mohammad Ghori. The winner was Prithviraj.
  • The second battle of Tarin: In the second battle of Tarin, Ghori defeated Prithviraj and captured Delhi and Ajmer. Therefore he led the foundation of the Muslim Rule in India.
  • Battle of Chhandwar: Ghori Vs. Jaichand, the ruler of Kannuj in 1194. Ghori defeated Jaichand.
  • The Ghori’s commander, Bakhtiyar Khalji destroyed Nalanda and Vidramshila Universities.
  • Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak who was the in-charge of Ghori served his links with Ghazni and asserted his independence.
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Now try to answer these questions.

Who destroyed the Somnath Temple?

  1. Ghori
  2. Mahmud Ghazni
  3. Bin Qasim
  4. Balban

[B] Mahmud Ghazni

Who writes Tahqiq-i-Hind?

  1. Firdausi
  2. Alberuni 
  3. Fa-Hien
  4. Utbi

[B] Alberuni 

Who owns the first battle of Tarian?

  1. Ghori
  2. Bakthiyar Khalji
  3. No one
  4. Prithviraj

[D] Prithviraj

The first battle of Tarain was fought between Ghori and __.

  1. Prithviraj 
  2. Raja Bhoje
  3. Pulakesi-2
  4. Rajendra Chole

[A] Prithviraj

Who was considered the real founder of the Muslim Empire in India?

  1. Mohammad Ghori
  2. Mahmud of Ghazni
  3. Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak
  4. Iltutmish

[A] Mohammad Ghori

Alberuni came to India in —

  1. 9th Century 
  2. 10th Century
  3. 11th century
  4. 12th century

[C] 11th century

Who owns the second battle of Tarain?Answer: Ghori
Who destroyed Nalanda and Vikramshila?Answer: Bakhtiyar Khalji.