Indian Polity is one of the most important subjects in the field of government job examinations. Certainly, the constitution of India is a vast subject to cover up for an aspirant. However, the whole subject is divided into a number of topics mentioning the important points of each topic, make an aspirant easier to understand, learn and remember the important points. Here each topic of polity provides lots of information. Topics of Indian polity are divided into numbers of paragraphs, important points, special headings, tables, proper images, etc. so that one could visualize the whole concept.

The topics covered in this page (from Indian Polity) are – all articles, all parts, schedules, borrowed features of the constitution, citizenship, preamble, fundamental rights & duties, directive principle, president, vice President, Prime minister, the council of minister, attorney general, chief minister, Parliament, Inter-State Council, Comptroller and Auditor General, Finance Commission, Planning Commission, PSC, UPSC, and other commissions, etc.

# Indian Polity General Knowledge Important Notes

1448 Articles of the Indian Constitution
222 Parts of Indian Constitution
312 Schedules of Indian Constitution
4Borrowed Features of Indian Constitution
5Making of Indian Constitution – Historical Background & Context
6The preamble of the Indian Constitution
7Citizenship – Indian Constitution
8Fundamental Rights
9Directive Principle of State Policy
10Fundamental Duties of COI
11The President of India
12Vice-President of India
13Prime Minister of India
14Council of Ministers
15Attorney General of India
16Parliament of India
17Governor of States
18Chief Minister of State
19State Legislature of India
20Inter-State Council
21Comptroller and Auditor General of India
22Finance Commission of India
23Planning Commission
24National Development Council
25Central Election Commission of India
26State Election Commission
27Public Service Commission for the Union & the States
28State Reorganisation Commission
29Language Commission (1955) of India
30National Human Rights Commission
31Revocation of the Article 370 35A
32Age Limit for Various Constitutional Posts In India
33Supreme Court of India: History, Power, Function
34Important Amendments of Indian Constitution
Indian Polity GK for UPSC and other exams

All the above topics are separately discussed here, contain lots of important information which are useful for any kind of competitive examination, especially to crack UPSC or IAS and Public Service Commission. Not only for government job examinations but also these topics are useful for different classes of students especially IX, X XI, and XII. Each topic is written in detail so that one can use the content as Notes for exams.