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Haryanka Dynasty rulled Magadha in the six century BCE. Binbisara established this dynasty. Buddhist and jain texts mentioned about this this dynasty. The first capital of this dynasty was capital was Rajagriha, later it was shifted to Patliputra.

Scholars claim that the Haryanka dynasty was the second active ruling dynasty of Magadha in the history of ancient India. The people of this dynasty used the common language Sanskrit, Magadhi and Prakrit. Haryanka Dynasty was Succeeded by the Shishunaga dynasty after 413 BCE. The Monarchs of this dynasty were Bimbisara, Ajatashatru, Udayin, Anuruddha, Munda, and Nagadasaka.

Bimbisara (544 – 492 BC):

  • Bimbisara was the founder of the Harshanka dynasty. His title was Pelvic. He expanded his empire through marital relations.
  • He married the Niece of the king of Koshal Prosenjit and took over the rule of the Kashi kingdom as a dowry. He also married Khema, the Niece of Lichbiraj (Licchavi clan) Chetaka and the daughter of Madra Raja.
  • He attacks the kingdom of Anga and takes possession. He was the first Indian ruler to have a regular army. For this reason, he was also known as ‘Seniya’.
  • He sent Jibak, a royal physician, to Ujjain to cure Pradoyata, the king of Avanti. He was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha. In his time, Magadha topped the list in terms of excellence. He built the new palace.

Ajatashatru (492-460 BC):

  • Ajatashatru succeeded to the throne by killing/imprisoning his father Bimbisara.
  • He was a contemporary of both Mahavira and Gautama Buddha.
  • His surname was Kunika.
  • Ajatashatru married Kosala’s princess, Vajira. Ajatashatru adopted an imperialist policy in the field of governance.
  • He renounced his alliance with the Koshal kingdom and took full power of Kashi. He then attacked Brijji. After 16 years of fighting, he finally captured Brijji. In this case, the role of Sunidha and Basak, two diplomatic experts of Ajatashatru, is noteworthy.
  • Ajatashatru built a fort at the Rajgriha and a fort at Patli on the banks of the Ganges.

Udayin (460-444 BC):

  • After Ajatashatru, his son Udayin ascended the throne of Magadha. He is also known as Udayabhadra.
  • He was the first to lay the foundation stone of the city of Pataliputra at the confluence of the Son and the Ganges rivers.
  • Udayin shifted his capital from the Rajgir/Rajgriha to Pataliputra.
  • After Udayin, Anuruddha, Munda and Nagadasaka ascended the throne of Magadha respectively.

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