Language Commission (1955) of India

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Official Languages Commission was formed on June 7, 1955, constituted by the President of India in accordance to the provisions mentioned in the Article-344.

The Commission on Official Languages ​​was constituted by the President in accordance with Article 344 of the Constitution. This commission was formed on June 7, 1955, with the notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Responsibilities of Commission

The Commission is responsible for informing the President on the following issues:

  1. To use the Hindi language for progressive government work at the center.
  2. To restrict the use of the English language in government work at the Center.
  3. The languages ​​mentioned in Article 348.
  4. To carry out the responsibilities assigned by the President to the Commission on Official Languages ​​and Language for Central-State Communication.

Structure Language Commission:

According to the constitution, this commission will consist of 30 members. 20 from Lok Sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha.

Delegates are sent through a single transferable proportional voting system.

The Official Languages ​​Act was enacted in 1963. The law, which is used for government work in Parliament, the Supreme Court, the High Court, the Union Territory, etc, and was enacted on the 14th Republic Day i.e. 26th day of January 1965.