List of Significant Newspapers in Indian History [PDF]

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Newspapers have played a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, igniting social movements, and influencing policy decisions throughout history. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most important newspapers in Indian history

From Gazette to Game Changer: A Compendium of Influential Newspapers in India

Newspapers have played a pivotal role in shaping India’s history, acting as mouthpieces for the voiceless, igniting revolutions, and documenting the nation’s journey. For UPSC aspirants, understanding the significance of these newspapers is crucial for comprehending historical events, social movements, and political ideologies. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most influential newspapers in Indian history:

Important Newspapers with their founder, editor, year of publication, location, and language during the British period in India. Several newspapers were published during this time. The tremendous contribution of newspapers toward the freedom of Indian history established a great sentient for the revolutionary people.

# Important Newspaper of Indian History

English – Newspaper of Indian History

Bengal GazetteJames Augustus Hickey1780Kolkata
Indian MirrorDebendranath Tagore1862Kolkata
Native OpinionV. N. Manglik1864Bombay
Amrit Bazar PatrikaSisir Kumar Ghosh1868Kolkata
The HinduViraghvachari1878Madras
MarathaB. G. Tilak1881Bombay
BengaleeSurendranath Banerjee1879Kolkata
Hindu PatriotHarishchandra Mukherjee1855Kolkata
Vande MataramAurobindo Ghosh1905Kolkata
Bombay ChronicleFeroz Shah Mehta1913Bombay
Young IndiaMahatma Gandhi1919Ahmedabad
Indian OpinionMahatma Gandhi1903South Africa
The PioneerJulian Robins1865Allahabad
GhadarLala Hardayal1913San Francisco
National HeraldJawaharlal Nehru1938Delhi

Bengali – Newspaper of Indian History

Samachar DarpanMarshman1818Kolkata
Samvad KaumudiRaja Ram Mohan Roy1821Kolkata
Amrit Bazar PatrikaMotilal Ghosh1868Kolkata
Som PrakashIswar Chandra Vidyasagar1859Kolkata
Banga DarshanBankim Chandra Chatterjee1873Kolkata
YugantarBarindra Kumar Ghosh, Bhupendranath Dutta1906Kolkata

Marathi – Newspaper of Indian History

Indu PrakashRanade1861Bombay
KesariB. G. Tilak1881Bombay

Hindi & Gujarati – Newspapers of Indian History

NavjeevanMahatma Gandhi1919Ahmedabad
HarijanMahatma Gandhi1933Poona

Post-Independence Era:

  1. The Times of India (1838): One of the leading English-language newspapers in India, it continues to provide in-depth coverage of national and international affairs.
  2. The Hindustan Times (1924): Known for its balanced and independent reporting, it has become a trusted source of news for millions of Indians.
  3. The Telegraph (1972): A leading newspaper in eastern India, it is known for its investigative journalism and insightful editorials.
  4. Malayala Manorama (1888): The largest-circulated newspaper in Kerala, it has played a significant role in shaping public opinion in the state.
  5. Anandabazar Patrika (1922): One of the oldest Bengali newspapers, it continues to be a major source of news and analysis in West Bengal.

Understanding the historical significance, editorial perspectives, and contributions of these newspapers can provide valuable insights into various phases of Indian history. Additionally, candidates should stay updated with current affairs by regularly referring to reputable newspapers for their UPSC preparation.

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