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Gases are materials that stay in a gaseous form at room temperature. It’s commonly thought to be a three-dimensional state of matter. Furthermore, it is merely a physical state of matter, since it may be converted into a liquid and then a solid by raising the pressure and reducing the temperature. H2, N2, O2, CO2, are examples of gases.

Uses of Different Gases in Everyday life: Dear aspirants, the utilization of several gases in our everyday life will be discussed today. Just as we must know which gas is used for which purposes or for particular cases, this knowledge is equally crucial for competitive exams. Questions about the names, usage, and properties of various gases are asked in various exams. I will add to this post gradually.

List of Gases and their uses pdf

AcetyleneC2H2» Oxyfuel gas for welding and cutting metals
» Producing the hottest flame
» Used to volatilize carbon in radiocarbon dating
» Portable lighting
» Plastics and acrylic acid derivatives
EthyleneC2H4» Anaesthetic in medical
» Metal Fabrication
» Refining
» Use as refrigerant
» Extraction of rubber
» ripening of fruit
» production of car glass
EtherR–O–R or
» As solvents for fats, oils, waxes
» Used as insecticides, miticides, and fumigants for soil
» Used as starting fluid for diesel engines.
» Also used as a refrigerant
» Manufacture of smokeless gunpowder
» Use in perfumery.
AmmoniaNH3» Used as a refrigerant gas
» Purification of water supplies
» Manufacture of plastics, explosives, textiles, pesticides
» Use in fertilizer
» Household cleaning
» Manufacture of synthetic fibers, such as nylon and rayon.
» Substitute for calcium in the pulping of wood
» Extraction of copper, nickel, and molybdenum from ores.
NitrogenN2» Used to make fertilizers, nitric acid, nylon, dyes.
» Produce ammonia
» Purging gas in the steel industry
» Preservation of Food
» Electronics Manufacturing
» Pharmaceuticals Industry
HeliumHe» Used as an inert protective atmosphere for fiber optics, semiconductors.
» detect leaks, such as in-car air-conditioning systems
» Used to inflate car airbags
» Cleaning rocket fuel tanks
» MRI magnets
» medicine, scientific research, arc welding
» Cryogenic research
» Balloons, medical equipment 
Argon Ar» Production of titanium
» Used by welders to protect the weld area
» Incandescent light bulbs
» Healthcare Industry
» Food and Drink Industry
» Document Preservation
Carbon dioxideCO2» Used as a refrigerant
» Fire extinguishers
» Life jackets, blasting coal, foaming rubber and plastics
» Make concrete
» Used to accelerate the growth of algae
» Used to carbonated soft drinks, beers, and wine
» Dry ice
PropaneC3H8» Portable stoves
» Refrigerant
» Domestic and industrial fuel
» Used in oxy-fuel heating and cutting
» The primary fuel for hot air balloons
» Used as a propellant
» Production of base petrochemicals in steam cracking.
ButaneC4H10» Highly flammable
» Used as a propellant for deodorants and as fuel for lighters
» Used for gasoline blending
» Used as refrigerants
Nitrous oxideN2O» Used for sedation and pain relief
» Used to feel intoxicated or high
» Rocket motors
» Internal combustion engine
» Aerosol propellant
» Medicine
Oxygen O2» Plays a critical role in respiration
» Energy-producing
» Oxygen supplementation is used in medicine
» Life support and recreational use
» Smelting of iron ore into steel
» volatilizing carbon dioxide
» LOX of rocket oxidizer fuels
Methyl alcoholCH3OH» Use as an industrial solvent
» To produce Acetic acid and formaldehyde
» To produce hydrocarbons, olefins
» cleaner-burning, an alternative source of energy
EthanolC2H5OH» Used as a solvent
» As an additive to automotive gasoline
» To produce beer, wine, and distilled spirits
» As an antiseptic and disinfectant
» Use in hand sanitizers and medical wipes
» To produce ethyl esters, acetic acid, diethyl ether, and ethyl amines.
Some important uses of common gas

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