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Customer service has grown increasingly important, particularly in the financial services industry, whether locally or globally. Banks face the challenge of integrating disparate systems into a coherent, efficient infrastructure while providing the highest level of customer service and convenience without exposing their customers to the bank’s internal system integration problems as they continue to provide an increasing number of financial services and products.

Customer Service in Banking – Notes PDF GK: Banking is one of the industries where customers come into contact with bankers on a daily basis. Customer satisfaction and service levels have a direct impact on the image of the bank’s brand and marketing efforts. As a result, it is critical for banks to provide excellent customer service in order to meet the expectations of their consumers. Because customer service is such a sensitive matter, the Reserve Bank of India has established a special department to deal with it. ABI has established specific customer service requirements in banks in order to ensure uniformity of service standards. The following is a condensed version of that information.

Important points regarding customer service in Bank:

To maintain the proper relationship with consumers in a bank, a banker should have some special observations. These points are discussed below.

  • Every bank should have a customer service policy in place. All aspects of customer service, including infrastructure amenities such as appropriate space, proper furniture, and drinking water facilities, must be covered, with a special focus on pensioners, senior citizens, and disabled people.
  • Similarly, providing inquiry counters, displaying indicator boards for various counters in English, Hindi, and the concerned regional language.
  • The concerned official should have technical knowldege such as interner, basic computer etc.
  • Should have a post for roving officials to ensure proper customer service.
  • Should provide proper information/literature/stationery forms to every customer.
  • In every bank, there must have an official who has Clear Communication Skills, so the conversion with customers make easy.
  • Also should provide proper security systems, periodic training of staff in line with customer service orientation, and a visit by a customer service representative are all examples of good customer service practices.
  • Aside from that, each bank is required to publish and adopt policies on check collection, compensation, grievance redress, and a code on lender liability on a voluntary basis.
  • Banks must clearly display the contact information for higher-level bank officials to whom consumers can escalate their complaints, including the contact information for the Banking Ombudsman (80) whose jurisdiction the branch belongs under.
  • Customers of banking services can file complaints with the Banking Ombudsman (BO), who will investigate and resolve issues according to the procedures established in the Banking Ombudsman Rules 2006.
  • Claims against banks that do not exceed Rs.10 lakhs will be handled by a BO. The BO’s judgment is final and binding on both the Bank and the customer. If the BO’s decision is unsatisfactory, either party may file an appeal with an Appellate Authority.
  • Customers of banks also have the option of filing grievances/claims with Consumer Councils at the district, state, and national levels, as provided under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Customers of banks also have the option of filing grievances/claims with Consumer Councils at the district, state, and national levels, as provided under The Consumer Protection Act 1986.

Customer Service in Banking notes for aspirants who are preparing for competitive banking examinations such as IBPS, SBI, SBI PO, Clerical job, etc.

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