25 (22) All Parts of Indian Constitution List PDF 2022

Here you may download all 22 parts of the Indian constitution in pdf format. The constitution was originally divided into 22 sections. Some sub-parts are, meanwhile, included. As a result, India’s constitution has a total of 25 parts as of now.

List of 25 Parts of COI

PartsSubjects Deal withArticles covered
PART I[THE UNION AND ITS TERRITORY] Name and territory of the Union. Admission or establishment of new States, Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries, or names of existing States.Article 1 to 4
PART II[CITIZENSHIP] Rights of citizenship of certain persons who have migrated to India from Pakistan and Indian origin residing outside India. Parliament to regulate the right of citizenship by law.Article 5 to 11
PART III[FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS] Right to Equality, Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Cultural and Educational, against Exploitation.Article 12 to 35
PART IV[DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY] Application of the principles, State to secure social order, Equal justice, Organisation of village panchayats, Uniform civil code, Duty of the State, Protection of environmentArticle 36 to 51
PART V[THE UNION] The President and Vice-President, Officers of Parliament, Conduct of Business, Disqualifications of Members, Legislative Procedure, Procedure in Financial Matters, Procedure Generally, Legislative Powers of the President, the Union Judiciary.Article 52 to 151
PART VI[THE STATES] The Governor, Council of Ministers, The Advocate-General for the State, Conduct of Government Business, Officers of the State Legislature, Powers, privileges and immunities of State Legislatures and their Members, Legislative Procedure, Procedure in Financial Matters, THE HIGH COURTS, Article 252 to 237
PART VIIStates in the B part of the First schedule (repealed by 7th Amendment)Repealed
PART VIII[THE UNION TERRITORIES] Administration of Union territories, Creation of local Legislatures or Council of Ministers or both for certain UT, Special provisions to some UT, Power of President to make regulations in UT.Article 239 to 242
PART IX[THE PANCHAYATS] Constitution, Composition, Duration, Powers, authority and responsibilities, Audit of accounts, elections of PanchayatsArticle 243 to 243O
PART IXA[THE MUNICPALITIES] Constitution, Composition, Duration, Powers, authority and responsibilities, Audit of accounts, elections of Municipalities.Article 243P to 243ZG
PART X[THE SCHEDULED AND TRIBAL AREAS] Administration of Scheduled Areas and Tribal Areas, Formation of an autonomous State Article 244 to 244A
PART XI[RELATIONS BETWEEN THE UNION AND THE STATES] Distribution of Legislative Powers, Administrative relations, Co-ordination between States.Article 245 to 263
PART XII[FINANCE, PROPERTY, CONTRACTS AND SUITS] Finance, Miscellaneous financial provisions, Borrowing, Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligation and suits, right to property.Article 264 to 300A
] Freedom and restrictions on trade, commerce and dealing.
Article 301 to 307
PART XIV[SERVICES UNDER THE UNION AND THE STATES] Service, Public service commission. Recruitment, conditions, Removal or suspension and Functions of Public Service Commissions.Article 308 to 323
PART XIVA[TRIBUNALS] Administrative tribunals Tribunals for other matters.Article 323A and 323B
PART XV[ELECTIONS] Superintendence, direction and control of elections to be vested in the Election Commission.Article 324 to 329A
PART XVA[SPECIAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN CLASSES] Reservation of seats for SC, ST, Anglo-Indian in the House of Parliament and to services and posts.Article 330 to 342
PART XVII[OFFICIAL LANGUAGE] Language of the Union, Supreme Court, High court, Regional Language, Special Directives.Article 343 to 351
PART XVIII[EMERGENCY PROVISIONS] Effect of Proclamation of Emergency, Duty of the Union to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance.Article 352 to 360
PART XIX[MISCELLANEOUS] Protection of President and Governors, Parliament and State Legislatures. Article 361 to 367
PART XX[AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION] Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure therefor.Article 368
PART XXI[TEMPORARY, TRANSITIONAL AND SPECIAL PROVISIONS] Temporary or Special provision with respect to certain States. Provisions as to Judges of High Courts, Comptroller and Auditor-General of India, PSC, etc.Article 369 to 392
Articles 393 to 395
Total no or PARTs = 25All the subjects of parts provided here have expended explanation in the Constitution of India PDF file.Total No of Articles = 448
List of 22 parts of the Indian Constitution

22 Parts of COI: Important Points to Remember

  • At Present, there are 25 parts in the constitution of India. Previously, it was 22.
  • Four parts are added through the amendment of the Indian constitution.
  • Part VII was repealed through the 7th amendment act, 1956.
  • Part IV-A was added through the 42nd amendment act of 1976.
  • Part IX-A was added through the 74th amendment act of 1993.
  • Part XIV-A was added through the 42nd amendment act of 1976.
  • Part IX-B was added through the 97th amendment act, 2011 (Effective from 2012).

Download: All 448 Articles of Indian Constitution as PDF

Total Number of Articles in COI448
Total Number of Parts in COI25

Parts are the Contents of the constitution of India. All the articles are divided into 22 Parts. Initially, there were 22 parts in COI, but some are repealed and some are added. Therefore there are a total of 25 parts in COI as of now. To lead the competitive examination aspirants should remember all the subjects of 22 parts especially the bolt bracketed texts in the subject column.

Download 22 Parts of the Indian Constitution PDF 2021

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Some FAQ from 22 parts of the Indian constitution:

All Parts of the Indian constitution general knowledge (GK) for IAS, UPSC, SSC CGL, Railway Police Banking and other competitive government job examinations. You may download this topic for future reference in a PDF format for free. The download link is given above.

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